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First Aid addict for life-threatening conditions:




One of the main reasons for the development of life-threatening conditions addict - a drug overdose. Most often it occurs in opiate abusers group. Overdosing is dangerous to use cocaine, ephedrine, heroin, amphetamines and other drugs.

Stop breathing.
Heroin overdose

Heroin overdose (opiates) or hypnotics cause respiratory arrest directly, without any additional reasons. Respiratory arrest in this case is not a sudden, as if it develops gradually, ie patient's breathing becomes shallower and more rare. Outwardly, it looks as if people just deep sleep. The skin in these cases is very pale, cold to the touch, lips, fingertips and ears - bluish color.

How to determine that a drug addict violated breath?

Best of all - just listen to how he breathes. Ear should bring right-to-face patient. Proper breathing - in a dream when a person breathes deeply and rhythmically. In this inhale-exhale should be heard at least 12 times per minute. If you hear that:

Person does not breathe for 1 minute
Breathing less than 10 times per minute or more than 30 times per minute.
Not breathing rhythmically, pausing for 30-60 seconds, and then begins to breathe deeply and loudly.
Breathing is very rare and barely audible for 10 minutes or more.
When breathing arise gurgling wheeze.

So he urgently needed help and call an ambulance.

If you have found a rare shallow breathing of a sleeping drug addict, immediately begin to shake him and slap his cheeks. If as a result of your efforts, he will wake up, sit down or jump to their feet and loudly expresses frustration that he had been awakened, and even, perhaps, scolded you mean, all right, you too can rapidly respond to him and calm down. If he wakes up, wake up and do not end up remains sluggish, call an ambulance immediately. Better if it will make someone else, and at this point you continue to bother him. If the patient began to talk to you to keep it going, do not stop to talk to him until the ambulance would not come.
If as a result of your efforts, he still can not talk, begin artificial respiration "mouth to mouth." Then it is not difficult, but it requires physical effort, so attracted to him a healthy man.

Artificial respiration "mouth to mouth" is as follows: lay the victim on a hard flat surface. His finger check whether his mouth any foreign objects. Under the shoulders (not under your head, do not under your neck) to enclose tightly rolled roller thickness of about 15-20cm (for example, you can turn tight flannel blanket) so that the patient's head was thrown back strongly, and his mouth opened. Fingers pull the lower jaw up. It is necessary that the language of the victim is not the fuse and blocked airways. Pinch his nostrils with your fingers or clothespins, only not so tight that would damage the nose. Inhale deeply, firmly press his lips to it and make a quick exhale strong (for the victim it will be a breath). Do this 10-12 times a minute. Exhalations it will happen on their own.
You understand that you are working correctly when the victim is a noticeable movement of chest and lips and fingertips porozoveyut. Artificial respiration "mouth to mouth" so physically difficult exercise, it is better to spend it with family and often change.
Heart rhythm disturbances.

Overdose of stimulants (ephedrine, amphetamine, cocaine)

not only dangerous development of psychotic states with delusions and hallucinations, but can cause severe damage to heart rate (tachycardia - atrial fibrillation - ventricular fibrillation - heart failure).
Fibrillation (rapid ciliary motion) heart ventricles accompanied by respiratory arrest. In this case, the victim stops breathing occurs suddenly rather than gradually, as in opiate overdose. If breathing and no pulse, came the "clinical death." So you need to visit an ambulance immediately, immediately start pressing (CPR) events: artificial respiration "mouth to mouth" and simultaneously closed cardiac massage (closed because the heart is massaged through the chest). Breathing technique "mouth to mouth" as described above.

Closed cardiac massage done as follows:

victim lying in the same position as for artificial respiration. First (for manual defibrillation - to start the heart) produced two strong, with all his strength, hitting his fist on the sternum - the vertical axis of symmetry of the chest at 5-6 cm above the "solar plexus" (ie at the level of the 4th intercostal space).
If after this pulse and respiration do not appear, you uladyvaete hands - one on the other - to the place where he had just punched. Palm not fit the entire surface, and the part that is attached to the forearm palm: fingers should not touch the skin of the victim. Start producing on the sternum sharp pushes all the weight of the body so that went down on the sternum 5-6 cm frequency bursts - about 1 every second.
If you work together, then one has to inhale 4-5 shocks, if you alone are fighting for the life of the victim - first do two breaths, then 15 aftershocks, then again two breaths, and so on. This resuscitation can be quite long, and if you have no confidence that the victim was breathing, keep them for as long as not coming "ambulance".

Do not loosen the effort!

And remember: even trained resuscitation team manages to regain his breath only every second patient, ie in 50% of cases. So do not reproach myself if unable to save the victim.
It should be noted that cardiac arrhythmias are not always arise from an overdose, sometimes they are on the background of abstinence. Fortunately, in this case to the case of ventricular fibrillation usually does not reach. Just one feels fatigue, lightheadedness, and disruption of the heart. This bell: enough to misbehave, it's time to see a doctor. Because if the heart is not treated, it fails.



Sepsis - blood poisoning.


Drug users inevitably reduced immunity, that is the body's ability to resist infection. In practice, this means that they easily (and not uncommon) there are various suppurative diseases, especially among those who inject drugs intravenously. When injection drug users often use dirty needles, never treated the injection site with an antiseptic, and sterile drug solution itself is quite rare. As a result, the bacteria penetrate directly into the body tissue and having about the following complications.
Thrombophlebitis - inflammation within the vein. On the damaged vein wall is formed by injection of clot blood cells and microbes get into this already in his blood clot formation. Then they begin to multiply. As a result, the outflow of blood from the tissues to terminate this vein, and the hand (or foot) patients strongly swells. Because the process is accompanied by inflammation, limb becomes bright and hot to the touch. Redness and pain extends right along the vein. If the patient is not treated, the infection begins to spread directly through the blood vessels. Result - sepsis.
Abscess - limited purulent fusion of subcutaneous fat. Trapped under the skin bacteria, unopposed, begin to multiply rapidly to digest cellulose, and the result is a "bag" containing pus. Outwardly looks like a painful abscess, bright red, swollen area of ??skin in that place. Where before a shot was made. Typically, when this body temperature rises. If the bag breaks in deeply lying tissues, it will abscess, and if inside a blood vessel breaks - sepsis.
Phlegmon - almost the same as the abscess, but not in the form of a "bag", and in the form of freely propagating along intermuscular intervals flow of pus. Externally, it looks like an abscess, but takes no limited scope, and covers a significant portion of the limb. Also accompanied by pain, swelling, fever, preventing the movement of the limb. Phlegmon dangerous purulent melting of nerves, blood vessels, muscles, bones, and all that comes her way. As a result, any purulent process may develop sepsis.
Sepsis - a very serious condition and very dangerous. At home, it will inevitably lead to death, and in the hospital with him extremely difficult to fight.
If you suspect that your child or another family member, a loved one developed thrombophlebitis, abscess or abscess, in until it immediately appealed to the surgeon (because addicts usually try to be treated yourself.) If these diseases lead to sepsis, need to call an ambulance - and still do not know whether to keep the life of urgent hospitalization and intensive care unit.


Hyperthermia - a complication that almost every addict undergoing regular injecting drug users. On freaky slang a condition called "shakes", "tryahanulo." In medical - hyperthermic response, or hyperthermia. Hyperthermia occurs because a huge dose of microbes goes directly into the blood with a solution of the drug. This means that when hyperthermia (albeit rarely) sepsis can occur immediately, without prior thrombosis, abscess or cellulitis.
If the addict says that immediately after the injection of the drug felt bad and even very bad: there was a strong fever, malaise, weakness, aching joints, nausea, headache, - then he injected himself with a low-quality solution and it hyperthermic response. In this case, the urgent need to call an ambulance and provide quality medical care to the patient.



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